Aleofincas Administraciones


Aleofincas Administraciones represents a new and modern way of administrating Horizontal Property. 

Our mission is to make the administration transparent and comprehensible, available to all owners and always counting on work done by real professionals.



How does it work?


- The accounting will be visible for the owners, through the password protected intranet making it possible to consult accounts, entries and all supporting documents.


- We put great emphasis on the personal and professional treatment with every member of the community.


- AGMs, meeting, minutes and any other communication is available in Spanish, English and German with no additional cost.


- Aleofincas promises honesty, transparency, communication and flexibility.

What do they say about us?


“ A very efficient administration that reacts very fast to uprising problems”


“A very friendly and forthcoming administration”


“They always achieve good quality works for reasonable prices”


Please let us know what you think about us and we will  Post it